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Im 25 weeks pregnant and I dont know what to expect for labour. I know I’m a while  away but this has me stressed and worried.


  • Soz I meant 29 weeks, was thinking about the date on Friday and typed the wrong thing

  • Hi IslaD, 

    Unfortunately I don’t think anyone can help you with this one as every women’s labour is different! I have had two children and both labours/pregnancies where different.

    When I was pregnant for the first time I did watch a lot of birthing videos which definitely helped me to understand.. you’ll also see how different they all are! ‘One born every minute‘ is the series that I used to watch... so have a look at that. 

    AlI I can say is, whatever happeneds.. when you get that little bundle of joy in your arms and you see him/her for the first time it’s all completely worth it. Whatever pain you may or may not experience during labour will all just go away! 

    Good luck with it all, you’ll be fine! 

    Jade xx 

  • Sorry.... i also meant to add that you can talk to your midwife about pain relief!

    There is a lot they can offer you during labour if it all gets to much and trust me... some of it is brilliant and a godsend 🙌🏻.xx

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