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Induced labour. Positive experience

I had induction at 39+2 weeks due to reccurent reduced movements.
As it was my 3rd baby and my cervix was ready my induction started with breaking my waters. 3 h after I had nice and regular contractions, but unfortunately that wasn't enough,so MW decided to put me on drip. After 30min it's started to work. As I was prepared for pain and knew what I need do it wasn't that bad.  Within 2h my contractions was 2min long with 1min break...easier to say i didn't feel like there was any break. I was drinking lots of water during pregnancy and in labour I managed to have 3l in 2 h,but still was dehydrated due to hard labour,so they put me on rehydration drip some point deep inside me I understood that my body is way to tired to do something and I need some help and small break from pain....worth to mention I am person who manage pain really well,my first two labour and delivery I had with no painkillers at all and hardly felt any contractions...
So back to story, as person who didn't want to use any drug painkillers,but had an opened mind in case I will need them, I gave up and asked for medical help. Gas and air made me sick,so after another couple of contractions I asked for pethidine. That worked super fast and I had much needed break and have a chance to restore my powers. And that's what my body needed..40min after  it took me3 pushes for my beautiful boy to be born.. no stiches and easiest push parti ever had. Skin-to-skin contact from very first second, baby had his first free within first 20min. He found what he was looking for without me forcing it. Delayed cord clamping for almost and hour so all placenta blood was back to baby. Apgar score 9/10. Withing 2h I was in shower,made my hair and makeup and looked like human again. 8h later I been out of hospital,as I never gave a birth. from water breaking till baby was here 9.5h... next day I was enjoying my middle son's birthday party.

I am alternative therapy specialist and going natural way everywhere where is possible,but sometimes I can understand that my body needs help from traditional medicine.
As doula myself I could plan my perfect labour even if it's all gone different way than original plan...

I really and truly enjoyed this labour and delivery experience...yes it wasn't my perfect plan,but keeping an opened mind helped me to accept what's happening and change my idea about perfect the end all that matters that my boy is here with me and he is healthy....
Pethidine didn't affect my ability to understand situations, didn't affect baby or breastfeeding...all it's done gave me much needed rest and new lot of powers to give a birth to my boy...


  • Well this has given me some better feelings towards giving birth. One things im MEGA scared of is pushing out when time comes (im only 6wk +3) so only early days but I cant help but think about giving birth & how hard it will be on my body - im always scared something bad will happen but I must have faith , women do it ALL the time & have good experiences - just like yours. So its so good to read a positive one , thank you for sharing & congratulations! I do hope mine goes something like this! :) xx 
  • @DelilahChai I'm with you, I've been terrified of labour the whole way (now overdue by 4 days!!!) But must just remember millions of women do it, it's natural, and no one ever goes on about it after so it doesn't last with you!

    @Sigsauer thank you for the story! I am 4 days overdue and on the verge of being induced for reduced movements also! As much as Im happy to hear you had a good experience, I can't help but think it was because it was baby number 3! Your body uses muscle memory where as for Me, no such luck! So scared for tearing and needing stitching!! Glad your little one is here and well x
  • I’ve been Induced 3 times! The first was the best, my body did what it was supposed to, the other 2 ended in sections but I’d class them as positive too!!! I’ve got 2 amazing children and an 11 week old baby!!!

    my inductions were all quite long- a few days but I know friends and people on here that have had their baby in a few hours!!! Everyone’s different.

    either way, whatever happens, you will forget it all the moment you see your beautiful baby. Trust me, it’s breathtaking and the love you have is indescribable! It’s an actual miracle!!!

    good luck- you’ll be great!xxx
  • @EmJ3 oh bless you, thank you so much for that- I needed to hear it!! My sister in law has just had her baby a week ago (not much of a gap!) And it's killing me to see him and cuddle him, just so desperate for my baby girl!! 

    Anyway- I best get back to bouncing on my ball, come on out little lady 🙈😂 x
  • Haha yeah bounce away!!! Good
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