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Latent labour? For days

I’m 35+4 with baby number 5 and for 12 days I’ve had period like pains, pressure in my bum and the worse very painful contractions. They come and go and can last a few hours at a time. Last night the contractions came every 5 minutes and last over a minute but have gone again now. My midwife said it could be latent phase of labour but wasn’t worried. Gone full term with all other babies but it’s 10 yrs since my last and this baby is with a different partner. Any advice please


  • Rachel158Rachel158 Regular
    edited Jul 25, 2019 8:09AM
    I had this too had my baby Saturday was 35 weeks I did have same feeling as u on and off for few weeks my lower bk was killing to had show at 30 weeks I bounced on pregnancy ball a lot warped into my on world it helps with the pain when u rock and role around on it had baths every night rested then got up cleaned tidied packed hospital stuff kept busy rested then ball again was in agony some times keep going up baby  be here soon hope u r feeling of today xx
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