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This is my first pregnancy so I'm not sure what is normal and what isn't. I have an app to keep up with contractions, on the 25th they were pretty bad and alot of them. Then the next wasn't until the 27th, and then today is the 29th and I haven't had anything since then, is this a bad thing? We went to the hospital yesterday for preclampsia testing, and found out I'm still dilated to a 2 (for over a week now)  and now I'm effaced 80%, but still no more contractions, my S/O is more concerned than I am, so I told him I'd check for him. 


  • Also is it true that red wine can put you into labor? My friends wife was told to try it and 20 minutes later she was in labor,  worked with both of her kids, so I wanted to see if its true for anyone else. 
  • How far in pregnancy are you?
    It could be Braxton Hicks Hun,towards end of pregnancy lots of women experience then stronger and think it's real labour.

    There is nothing that can bring labour (except induction), baby will comes when he/sh ready. Of something happend to a friend of the friend most likely labour would start anyway
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