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Hospital freebies - what do the NHS hospitals give you?

MrsS35MrsS35 Regular
edited Oct 10, 2019 5:50PM in Labour & birth
Hi. Does anyone know what items nhs hospitals have (what I won't have to take in hospital bag) and what they give you to bring home with you? 


  • Depends what hospital you go to. I work at an NHS hospital and we provide cotton wool, maternity knickers, pants, inco sheets. A lot of hospital don’t provide milk or nappies. You usually can’t take formula milk it has to be ready made
  • RVI in Newcastle. I'm hoping to breastfeed.
  • the only stuff i got (but it was some time ago!) was Bounty packs (which have little samples of products, not that you would use straight away on a newborn). They also give you the disposable small sheets, and i really can't think of anything else. Just take everything just in case. Good luck x 
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