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37 weeks and feeling down?

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to see if anyone is going through the same thing...

I'm 37 weeks pregnant and I feel like I'm in the 1st Tri again. I want to be nesting and enjoying my last weeks before baby, but instead I feel unenthusiastic, unattractive and tired all the time. I've been so excited to meet my girl, but leading upto labour I don't feel like getting the bottles/cupboards ready and suddenly don't feel excited anymore, if anything I still feel a bit surreal that I am going to be a Mum and scared about labour.

Can anyone help pleasee?


  • Awww @Lotsobear I felt completely differently every day!! It’s totally normal to feel like that so please don’t worry. Hormones and emotions are running so high. The good news is... you’re nearly there and when you get to hold your beautiful baby for the first time everything will be worth it. It truly is an absolutely incredible moment and such a miracle.
    Be kind to yourself and if you’re having a down day, do something nice to cheer yourself up. Get in bed so you’re comfy, with a book or magazine or have a nice bath and enjoy some you time!xxx
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