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C Section...planned Or unplanned?Natural?

Pregnant with my first... due on the 23rd of Feb. 
My story is.... 
- I had a benign spinal tumour (lower lumbar spine) removed 5 years ago when I was 24..this has left me with a scar and a little bit of numbness in my left leg and some nerve damage
- carrying baby hasn’t been as difficult as I was advised - I believe they told me to expect a lot of pain as they didn’t really know and had to prepare me for the worst possible outcome! Things have been good in that sense.
- for birth, they have said I can go for a natural birth and emergency section if needed or a planned section if I want. I really don’t know what to do!!!! I can 100% not get an epidural they have said it’s not an option. A spinal block is very risky due to the size and the incision from previous surgery- I could end him with permanent nerve damage. 
Do I try for a natural birth with no epidural? And possibly end up having to get an emergency section anyway? Or do I plan the section and go in with a date to have my baby? I really am clueless , my first baby, I’m a single mummy And very very scared... 
I have the risk of even getting nerve damage in labour from the way my legs will be positioned in labour but then again the recovery for a csection is just meant to be awful especially when I’ll be fending for myself - I have family but don’t want them around ALL THE TIME for 6 weeks.. please can anyone help me with some concrete advice 

think I have rambled on a little too much- in a bit of a tiz over it all! Only got spoke to today at 37 weeks when referral letter was sent at my 12 week scan and the only reason they spoke to me today was because I was brought in overnight due to sickness and to get some IV fluids. NHS in Northern Ireland for you!!! 


  • Ok- if you have a c-section you will be fine. Although recovery is longer, I was up and about the day after. You do have to take it easy but I would say after a week you feel ok-ish and I’ve had 2!

    As for the labour- it really is a tricky one. I think it depends if your body goes into labour itself. I went 2 weeks over with my first 2 and was induced, I had my first naturally but 2nd ended with a c-section. Had an epidural with both- I personally think it’s worse when you’re induced as your body isn’t necessarily ready. With my 3rd I was booked in for a planned section under general anaesthetic as I couldn’t have an epidural or spinal- I developed a low platelet count so have a blood condition now. My waters went 2 weeks early so was in labour most of the day but in the end needed a c section anyway so I wish they’d just done that. 
    A planned section is very organised and you can have everything ready- choose music etc. 
    Doubt I’ve helped much but either way, you’ll get to hold your beautiful baby very
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    Thank for your advice. 
    I went through risky surgery when tumour was removed but I had no choice then now I do have a choice so it’s just need to assess the risks & whether I’m ballsy enough to take them.
  • But thank you for your sound advice & well wishes. ❤️ Its great to hear a not so negative opinion on a section recovery, most people are being negative but I guess it boils down to the individual.

    It’s so hard to make a choice but will prob go with the least risky option
  • I’ve had a tough pregnancy and the idea of waking up one day (very very soon😅) knowing I’m having my baby is comforting me as well lol 
  • I would take advice from your consultant or midwife and definitely go with the least risky option for you and baby. Do you know what that is?xxx
  • I had an emergency section (only found out baby was breech after I had gone into labour) and also have had a natural birth, but with epidural.

    My section recovery was fine. For the first few days I was hobbling around, but I was in hospital then, so didn't need to do much walking anyway. When I got home, I felt back to normal. No problem walking or carrying baby, etc. I wasnt in pain ( obviously pain meds helped) and I was able to breastfeed on those meds.  

    I went back driving after 4 weeks, as couldn't take asking for a lift everytime I wanted to go anywhere. Doctor write a letter saying I was fine to drive.

    Anyone i know personally who have had a section, have recovered without any problems. You know yourself, ppl only like talking about the things that go wrong!

    If I was in your position, choosing between a natural or a section, I'd weigh up the risk of getting more nerve damage from a natural versus potential complications of a section. Hopefully your doctor/midwife help with that. And also, which one made me feel less anxious.

    Did you say you are 37 weeks? They didn't give you much time to think it over!!

    Best of luck with everything.

  • Believe it or not I only know my consultants name as its on my notes but have never seen her!! 
    Always getting brushed of. 
    The NHS is a shambles at the minute.

    I’m 37 weeks and only spoke to about it yesterday cause I was in overnight for dehydration and to get some IV fluids. The referral letter was sent in August. 🙈 and a reminder letter since then. If I had not have mentioned it to the brilliant midwife who looked after me while I was getting fluids then I’d still be kept in the dark. 

    They’ve advised me at my next appointment to ask for my consultant as the anaesthetists can’t advise me on what birth to have and the midwifes weren’t offering any advice tbh

    Next appointment is Friday, I have to call up on Monday to find out if I can see my consultant as apparently they don’t know her rota until the Monday! Only reason they are going to tell me her Rota so I can happen to see her is because I know the receptionist lol  I have not met the women once but heard she is brilliant!
  • The midwifes aren’t really giving any advice. The one on the maternity ward only sees natural births she said so couldn’t advise. I haven’t spoke to anyone else because I only found my options yesterday :( the anesthetists gave me great information on spinal blocks and epidurals and what They definitely couldn’t do for me which is an epidural, they explained the risks of a spinal block and are reluctant to do it. They wouldn’t advise me on whether I should try the planner c section or not they said that isn’t their job to do that which is very true. overall spinal block way to risky and they are reluctant to do one and epidural not an option what so ever. Some risks with a a natural birth but need to discuss with consultant if I finally get to meet her 

    EmJ3 said:
    I would take advice from your consultant or midwife and definitely go with the least risky option for you and baby. Do you know what that is?xxx

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