Pregnancy and birth with a Prolapse (posterior/rectocele)


Just wandering if anyone is in the same or similar situation to me or has any advice to offer really.

Following the birth of my son in 2018 I ended up with a rectocele, or posterior pelvic wall prolapse. It doesn't generally cause me too many symptoms unless I get constipated, but is visible externally.

I am currently 33 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and had a look at my down below with a mirror as I kind of felt the prolapse was getting a little worse with all the pregnancy hormones and my inability to reliably practice my kegals regularly. It did look more visible than it had done before, so I reported to my midwife who has now referred me to a consultant for an assessment to decide the best place for me to give birth (live on an island with a small cottage hospital so anyone with any risk factors of any sort have to go away to mainland at 37/38 weeks to wait for baby to come so there is easier access to proper medical facilities.

I now have a long 3 and a bit week wait until the first available appointment and am going through so many possible scenarios in my head of what the consultant might say (its fine to have baby where you live as planned, you have to give birth on the mainland, you have to be induced by X weeks so baby isn't too big and will cause damage, you have to have a section etc. etc.)

If anyone has any experience of pregnancy and labour following a prolapse or has had advice from a doctor on the subject, I would so love to hear from you! As I'll have little time to prepare if I do have to relocate I'd like to get as good an idea as I can as to what the advice might be!

Thanks in advance :) x


  • I don't have any advice on a prolapse but I had a 3rd degree tear and forceps with my first in 2018 so my pregnancy has been both midwife and consultant led. I'm surprised yours hasnt been the same. I have had to see the consultant 3 times to discuss my birth options and weather or not I would prefer a section. After lots of discussions I've opted for a natural birth again because he advised that the midwifes would be fully aware of my previous birth and they would intervene quicker etc and not hesitate to do a section should my birth take a similar route. So I would imagine they will give you the choice. I'm 36 weeks and the consultant has recommended sweeps from 38 weeks to try and avoid me being induced if I go over. My first one is booked in for the the 5th of March x
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