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1st baby Due JULY - ADVICE needed

Hi i just want some general advice please. My midwife (any at the moment) are not actively present due to coronavirus. I dont have one allocated to me. I am just wondering what I should be doing. I have 8 weeks to go... havent packed a bag yet!! 
Also what should I be doing next 8 weeks? Staying active?? Taking it easy?? I dont have a clue x


  • Hi hun. Best advice I would give you is do whatever you feel if u want to relax then relax if you want to stay active then stsy active. I'm currently 38 +3 I'm being induced Friday 29th May but am keeping active as much as possibly can to try. Help get baby right where she needs to be in a good position. Hospital bag u could really do with getting ready though as your be in and out of it changing things around and putting in new bits that ur need that u will forget otherwise. If your  concerned with anything. Ie reduced movements bleeding certain pains that aren't what uve experienced or used to  loss of fluid etc then call your labour ward for assessment... Good luck hun stay safe x
  • I'm due on 6th of july with my 1st baby too.I probably have about 5 weeks to go or less all my bags are packed. Its about time you sort that out because no one knows how the situation is going to be like better to be safe than sorry. You can do your normal activities like a bit of house work, walking or bouncing on the ball which helps. And I agree with previous reply you have to monitor baby's movements and pattern as it's important. You need to keep asking your midwife about the situation due to coronavirus at the hospital do you get your regular appointments? Which should take place every two weeks from week 32?
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