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Anxious about labour and birth

Hi ladies, I'm due in December and I'm really starting to get anxious about the labour and birth 😞 I'm really nervous something will go wrong and as I don't deal well with pain at all I'm not sure how I'm going to cope. Does anyone have any advice?


  • Aww love, I'm not sure what tips I could give you. I had a rubbish labour with my first and my anxiety went through the roof with the second... It was actually a far better experience! I'm annoyed I wasted so much time and energy worrying about it but obviously I couldn't control it at the time. 

    Every single labour experience is so different. It doesn't help that everyone wants to share their horror stories with you... 

    Try some relaxed breathing techniques to practise when you're feeling anxious about it and in the lead up. Remember, it's a means to an end and it's how you get that beautiful baby in your arms. ❤️ When the time comes, you'll be too busy to give a shit about worrying or anxiety. 🙈 Our bodies are literally made for this stuff though... You can do it! 💪🏼 
  • @colpage127 thank you for your kind words 💕 All I've heard from family and family friends is horror stories 😞 I know it was horrible experience for them and they want me to realise that it doesn't always go smoothly but it is really freaking me out. 😭
  • Its so hard to do but I would try your best not to over think it and take it as it comes, my labour was abit of a horror story but my sister also had a bad experience first time round, she got pregnant almost 11 weeks after birth and was traumatised at the thought of birth and her second delivery was the complete opposite and she lobed every minute of it 5 pushes and he was out 🙈 You would he amazed to what your body can do and how well you'll cope x
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