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Due in 3 days

Hi , im due in 3 days and hosp have arranged if I go one day past due date to induce me simply down to the fact I'm 40 , apparently its a precaution now with women who are 40 and over incase risk of placenta disintegration.  This is my 4th baby always have gone into labour naturally with my other 3 and really dont like the idea of being induced , prolonged , more painful etc the consultant told me . I had 2 miscarriages before this pregnancy and also find im more anxious this time around about how everything is going to go , just the birth the baby hospital stay in itself . Can anyone relate or share stories of induction pos or neg ...thanks 


  • Hi, I had my baby three months ago, he was nine days early, my waters had went but I wasn't going into labour even though they'd been gone nearly 24 hours. I was given a gel to try and soften my cervix before I was induced. I was given the gel at about 12.30 am and was in labour at 5 cm by 3.20. My son was born at 4.45 without needing to be induced. My overall birth and hospital was brilliant. Hopefully you'll have a similar experience or better yet, don't need the induction at all!!
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