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Induction of labour

Hi all, 

I'm going in on Monday for induction. Can anyone share their experiences of induction. What method did they use for you? Did it work? Many thanks. X


  • Hello, 

    I was induced at 41+5 as my cervix was closed at 41+1. I didn't want to be induced but was told the baby didn't want to come out on his own.

    I had a pessary on the Tuesday morning, and my waters broke at 3.30am the next morning so my husband could be with me then. So it had worked before the 24 hours they give it. The problem with me is my body just wasn't ready for labour, so I got to 8cm but by 7pm on the Wednesday they decided to do an emergency c section as they said I wasn't going to get to 10cm. But I have seen so many people on here who have been able to have a natural birth following induction.

    Best of luck with it!! X
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