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planned C-Section Advice.

Hi Guys! 
I am 37 Weeks Pregnant and baby is breech...Have tried to get the baby to move naturally and at the Hospital and baby just hasn't budged! so I have been booked to have a C-Section in 2 weeks, and to say I'm pooping myself is an understatement! Everyone I know who has had a C-Section had it like 10 years ago..have things changed? I would just love some advice and knowledge from someone who has had one recently? what happens? what's recovery like? this is my second pregnancy and I'm more nervous this time round then I was then, Covid restrictions aren't really helping my fears either!
Please someone share some light onto my situation..??!!
Thank you!


  • Hello, my youngest now 7 was footling breech so I had a planned c-sec at 38+6. It’s a very strange sensation, the only way I can describe it is like someone washing dishes in my tummy 😂 but I didn’t feel any pain. They use stitches now not staples and my scar is very very neat you can hardly see it. Within 45 mins of her being born I was stitched up and in recovery having snuggles. I was allowed home 2 days later. 
    Recovery was quite long for me but I wasn’t in great shape at the time. I was very swollen and bloated for a week or so. Walking was quite hard and things like coughing and sneezing were fairly painful but as long as you take it easy and keep your feet up you will be just fine. Get everyone running around after you! Within 10 days I was up and about doing the school run and walking round the village and the shops with her.

    good luck you’ll be just fine! X
  • I had an unplanned section with my first, 4 years ago. They didn't realise he was breach until I was in labour. I had my second naturally, nearly a year and a half ago. 

    For me, I found the section easier recovery wise. I had an episomety with my second, which I found way more painful that the section. To be honest  with the section, I wasn't in pain and recovered quickly.

    Obviously, everyone is different! I think if I had known I was going to have a section, I would have been very anxious. Because it was unplanned, I didn't have too much time to think about

    Try not to worry about it. 

  • @JaneDC  How did you find the delivery other than the episiotomy? I’m hoping to try for a vbac as I had such an amazing easy birth with my first and really didn’t enjoy the c-sec x
  • I was glad that I got to experience a natural birth. I really wanted a vbac. I have 2 boys. 

    I had an epidural, so that helped with the labour/birth :) I had a good experience.  Other than the episiotomy (which I didn't even feel at the time),  everything was fine. The fact i had a section before didn't affect anything. 

    I just didn't expect the episiotomy to hurt. Once I got past the first week, the pain disappeared and I healed perfectly. 

    Fongers crossed you get your vbac. X

  • Thank you for replying. I do think Im overthinking and have a thousand questions to ask when I have my pre-op but its alway nice to get someones opinion who has already experienced it. thanks again. will try to relax about it.
  • Thanks @JaneDC it’s nice to hear from someone who’s experienced it.

    @babyblueyes yes ask all the questions you can do you’re well informed but it will all be fine 🥰 x
  • My last pregnancy my son was breech the whole pregnancy I got booked in to have a c section on the day of section they checked his position and he had changed 39 weeks and was finally in the right position lol he came 10 days after due after being induced good luck 
  • I had a c section with my last in 2018 as I had non progressing labour and i will choose to have one again this time so it cant have been that bad for me, i found the recovery no problem and would say i had a positive birth experience. Only thing i would say is accept and take the pain relief your offered....i turned down pain relief on the second day as didnt feel i needed it but totally regretted it on the way home in the car! It was only the car journey I struggled with, everything else was fine. 
  • I keep hoping baby will turn round, only time will ell I guess! I have been advised by the midwife to take all the medication I can get to help and I plan on it haha thank you!
  • Hey @babyblueyes

    I have had 2 planned C Sections due to a childhood accident which means my hips are pinned so for me I always knew this was my path. 
    I had 2 very different experiences but neither of them were horrific, in your original post about things being different I do think this is a very valid comment. My Mum having had a section with me ( 30 years ago ) said it was a completely different procedure to what she had. I do believe that your mentality has a lot to do with your recovery. Also every Hospital has different protocol when it comes to things like removing the wound cover etc so these are important things to ask. If you have any questions whatsoever I would be more than happy to answer them but it is very important to remember that your experience will probably differ loads. X 
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