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Babies head shape should I worry ??

Benka96Benka96 Regular
edited Jun 8, 2021 2:58PM in Labour & birth
Hi all maybe someone can give ne reassuring answer.....or some advice
  My baby is 5 weeks old , she's been breech the whole pregnancy and has turned lastminute and born vaginally.....I'm worried about her head shape , as I noticed that she has quite long head and sticking out at the back a bit and also that her forehead is sticking out more on one side only! 
The doctors haven't said anything about her head shape not being normal,  but i started to worry as her head looks kind of wonky.....anyone's baby have had a weird head shape and its gone normal after a few weeks ?? 
I would appreciate answers x 


  • Hi hun not quite the same but my daughter was footling breech and had a huge dent along her head where she’d been stuck under my ribs and that did go away. Both of them also had pretty bad flat head syndrome as they preferred laying their heads on one side in particular and that corrected itself too. Maybe worth mentioning at your next check up though just incase. Congrats on your lovely daughter x
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