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sooo scared

I am 19+2 weeks now and today i was thinking about the birth.
After my last traumatic labour, I am so scared of even stepping into the labour ward. About 6 months ago i had to take my DD to primary care at the same hospital. After only 5 mins in the waiting room, I had a panic attack, gave her to my mum and hurried out of the door in tears.
The consultant understands my fears and has referred me to the obstetric liason team and has told me i will have an elective c section.
My worry is that my baby could be born at any time as they have arrived earlier each time. What if i dont get chance to have support?
my mum also suffered post traumatic stress last time and so she has told me she and my partner wont leave me at all.
maria x


  • Hi Hun. As I understand it. If you have booked for an elective c section, then if you go into labour naturally before the c section date then you go straight to hospital, they will then book you in for an emergency c section... they usually book you in 2 to 3 weeks before your due date.... Try not to worry hun...xx
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