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Any Back 2 Back & Induction? (also in Labor & Birth)


I'm beinf realistic about this,.. I'm being induced oin Wednesday eve I have a back 2 back baby who is predicted 9lb+ and has reduced movements (they think due to space)

I've read Inductions can be long and that back to back babies dont play ball..... image

Just wondering if anyone has and experiences or stories along a similar thread?


  • my baby was back to back and i was induced by the drip.. he turned himself before he come out. i was induced at 9 and had him by 6, i only had gas and air and pethdine but if induced again would defo have epidural!! dont want to scare u with my story as every labours diffrent. but back to back babys and being induced can make ur labour a lot more painful so consider ur pain relive hun lots of luck for wed... look foward to hearing ur birth story! x x x x
  • i was induced and my son was back to back and dry (hadnt had water for over a week) should have been excrutiating they said,. was a 6 hour labour and i slept 4 1/2 hours of it... woke up and felt the need to push, pushed and he was out!
  • I've done it twice- first induction was very long (Friday to Monday), I had a lovely epidural for the last 6 hours, and delivered naturally and all was well. 2nd time was very straight forward and took 5 hours. No problems at all. I would say though that the pain experienced is just very different to 'normal' labour. I just had intermittent back pain instead of full on contractions (I know as I have recently had a baby without induction who was no back to back).
    Hope it goes well for you. x
  • Hi there

    Olyvia was back to back but turned herself during labour after I'd been induced (by drip). Most of my contraction pain was in my thighs strangely enough - not sure if this was due to her being back to back or just random!

    I started getting my own contractions at midnight on Sunday but was still given the drip just before 2pm Monday due to my waters being broken for almost 72 hours and the risk of infection. They did speed my drip up quite a lot as my baby's hb was dipping (she had cord around her neck in the end) but she was born 3 hours after I went on the drip, so not long at all!

    I only had gas and air and my tens machine, but did the pushing without any g&a (as needed to get her out quickly).

    Good luck and I really hope all goes smoothly for you :\)

    Love NN and Olyvia, 1 week old today! xxx
  • Hi there

    I was induced (early due to severe hyperemesis) and my LO was back to back. Had a 13 hour labour and then emergency c-section as I wasn't progressing. My drip was at the maximum so my contractions were as intense as they could have been.

    I used lots of breathing and relaxation techniques, plus a TENs machine throughout the 13 hours I was in labour and used nothing else. Have to say that after a pretty crappy pregnancy, everything felt very positive - as if I was doing something that would end my months of awfulness - yes, if I didn't concentrate, the contractions bloody hurt, but overall, it was pretty good!

    C xx
  • My little girl was back to back and i went into labour 11am sunday and she was born 3am wednesday. My advice would be stay at home make sure your contractions are regular before going to the hospital, i was a little hasty and this led to many trips to and fro from the hospital. I also had an epidural but by the end it wasnt working and so she was deliverd with forceps. My general adice to all women is take any pain relief going! lol
  • Hey hun,
    My labour was back to back. The pain is concentrated in your back but I found a birth ball helped and my OH rubbing the bottom of my spine. I was also worried and told that he would take a while to push out. He took 10 mins to push out! I was in labour from 11am Tuesday morning till 2:30 am wednesday morning. All labours are different hun. Im sure you will be fine, just be open to the pain relief oiptions. I loved my labour, it was painful but def worth it. Take lots of lucozade with u it will give you the energy you need. Good luck xx
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