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Hi babe, hope you are ok. Just a lil post to ask how Blairs op went? I hope she is ok. Take care *HUGS* from Elaine xx xx


  • hi ya
    yeah sorry ive not been on here in a while so only just seen this.
    it went ok ish.. the op itself was fine but then afterwards she started having seizures and like this week the drs did a mri and things to see whats up cos they thought they might just be a reaction to the stress but after a week they got more worried so anyway this week theyve found she had a bleed on her brain which has been cauusing them. they dont know if it was wayy back and shes only just started reacting or if the op just triggered it. so yeah thats not good.
    but shes gettin there. 4lb 7.5oz what a little fatty hey. and shes almost breathing on her own already shes just on high flow oxygen to help her out.
    thanks for asking image nice to know someones thinking about us
  • so good and bad news. Shes still fighting though babe so she must be tough!! I wish you both all the best and if you have the time keep in touch through this post.take care babe

    xx xx kisses to you both xx xx
  • yeah shes getting there..
    they actually took her off the oxygen this morning! shes doing so great atm. theyve put her back on the feeding tube now though cos she couldnt quite manage to breathe and drink her bottle at the same time.
    yeah il try and come on here to keep you updated! i think i added you on msn 2? idk x
  • Oh thats great news hun, Im so glad to hear that! yeh I think you did add me babe but I cant IM you for some reason so I'll delete you and add me again. Sending you and Blair huge hugs babe I hope she continues to improve. Elaine xx

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  • ok il add you again
    its blairs 5month birthday today! shes doing really well i even managed to cuddle her yesterday without going mental :P
    shes back on oxygen though cps she was getting tired xx
  • sorry i keep missing u on msn.

    Have docs sais anything more about her coming off oxygen soon? xx

    Elaine xx
  • its alright.. no they havent she still needs it, shes got quite a bad cough now so there keeping her on it..
    iv started doin kangaroo care again so i had some kangaroo cuddles this morning but every time she wriggled it hurt my tummy cos my tummys just hurting so much atm. so i was being as still as possible so it wasnt really comfortable or enjoyable. she had her tongue out a lot though lol and she dribbled on me when she fell asleep. isnt it weird how like normal baby things are like such milestones?! her coughs quite bad though image shes on antibiotics but she wont really have them so the dr is talking about putting a central line in seen as shes got quite a few meds and shes getting to the stage where shes spitting everything out
  • oh bless her - cant type much as iv REALLY hurt my wrist. I will come on and catch up when iv got it strapped up. xx Love to you both xx xx
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