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problems after an episiotomy

hello everyone,
i was hoping if anyone can help, i had forceps with my first baby and an episiotomy which i had problems healing afterwards. to be honest i can not really describe it. well after about 4 months i went to the doctor for a smear test and the doctor had a look down there, she said that it seemed too tight and there were a tiny thing at the end of my vigina, i have to say that i did noticed it and i can only describe it as a little vein or like a tissue that hasn't been stiched right and everytime we try to have an intercourse it hurts like hell. so my gp sent me back to the hospital saying that they will decide wether to take it off or restitch me again. i was so scared and did not understand what really happened to me or what really went wrong til now, any way i went back to the hospital and i can only desribe the operation as if someone is burning you alive to take that thing off. it was more painfull than giving birth.
i have to say it has affected me very much as i am pregnant again and expecting in august which is very close i am terrified of the whole thing again.
i talked to the consultant at the hospital to make sure that everything will go smoothley but i did not get any support or even an explanation of what happened, so i am really confused what to do, my husband told me to sue them but it seemed too late to do that plus i am only concerned about what will happen second time round.
please if anyone of you lovely ladies went through the same as me please help :cry:


  • hi, hope you get it sorted. i have no advice but can sympathise. had episiotomy 8 weeks ago when had my little girl. it still hurts, not even contemplating sex any time soon xx
  • I had one as well as 2 tears, 9 weeks ago. Its just horrid. I would insist on getting someone to listern and maybe ask for a c section or get a private midwife?!! x
  • Hi there
    !st of all i am so sorry for what you have bn thro. I havent bn on this room b4 only the due in July 2010 one.
    I have 2 boys, jack will be 4 in Jan and oliver is nrly 16 months.
    Now (and sorry if this is long) with Jack i was so traumatised after his birth. I was 21 and 10 days overdue. I didnt get induced but had 2 days of slow labour at home. I finally went to the hosp when contractions were 10 mins apart only to find out i was 4cm image I wasnt happy after 2 day of what turned out to be slow labour.
    So another day goes by and i am on the gas and air and had some pethadine to help me sleep (which i didnt rly like having). Day 4 and the MW broke my water as i was still on 7cm. The very next contraction and i was bearing down so much. She checked me (after telling me i didnt need to push!) and i was 9.5cm. But as i was pushing so much ( i couldnt help it) it was making my cervix swell. So i got moved and put on a drip (which took 3 attempts) to help me dialate.
    After 5 hours of pushing one of the 3 drs that was stood at the bottom end of me told me baby was getting distressed.
    To cut a long story short i have an episiotomy (sp?) and Jack was born with out aid on day 4!. There was 2 midwifes, 3 drs, and 5 students all staring at my "fairy" i was made to be in stirrups and too scared to say otherwise.
    Very painful. lots of stitches etc. Heomoraaged after and Jack was 9lb 1oz. and ended up with PND
    Well i get home and after about 1 1/2 wks i notice everytime i go to open my bowels bloody is falling from me, litterally. I go to drs who say that instead of cutting me this was I I they did it this was / / so everytime it started to heal something would make it open up again. Very painful and was for months after,
    Now i have bn thro that prcedure like you have but here comes my point lol
    When i found out i was PG with Olly (now 16 months) i was so so petrified to go thro all that again to the point my DH had to drag me to the hospital. I had previously spoken to consultants who laughted in my face when i discussed my worries. I was hurt and even more scared.
    Ollys birth was amazing. Woke at 630 with strong contractions, DH DRAGGED me to hosp at about 1130. Got there 10cm, had a few puffs of gas n air.
    At 1213pm Oliver was born about about 5 sets of pushes with just me, DH and ONE Midwife in the room.
    I did have a very very small tear which they stitched only because of previous heomorrage. I felt gr8 after and bonded with him straight away.

    I am sorry that this is so long i just rly rly wanted to reassure you that its very unlikely to be the same again and hoping that ready my positive expereince after such a bad one will help. :\?
    Good luck with everything and agan sorry for rabblingimage
  • i have just realised that you know would have had ur baby. Im sorry! Hope it all went well? And congrats!
  • Well Im 22 yrs old...and had my son about 4m ago I live in Orlando Fl with just me and my family no its just me chad the Dr and 2 nurses in the room...I have been on the drip for 14 hrs and i can not feel ANYTHING....not even to push right...i was 10 cm for 2hrs but Carter (my son) was fine no stress the DR saying great job good job with every push all of a sudden tell chad to look at me and bam cuts me...without asking or telling..i didnt even know they did this....or that i had a choice in the matter till was so painfull after..i could not even sit for 2m after...everything is healed but im having a ttly diff problem...SEEMS TO ME LIKE using the bathroom is not the same anymore...very frustrating...i am on stool softener because even now without them it hurts really bad and is pretty much impossible to do without crying....i have no idea what to do about this...i feel like maybe the DR did something wrong...stitched to tight...cut a nerve or something idk...any help of feed back would be great...

  • can the women wo wrote this please get in touch withme? this happened to me and I noticed at 3 months post.  ive had two proceedures done and am wondering if there are any longer term effects! desperate for info!!

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