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cervical cancer

i just thought i would post this incase anyone is intreasted,
a couple of years ago i had a mild form of cervical cancer and had a colcoscopy ( sorry spelling) and laser treatment, it seems this treatment left scar tissue.
not one person during my pregnancy asked me about this and not until i was in labour and was stuck dialated at 2cm for nearly 40hrs did one midwife ask me, i just needed a little extra help and had a normal delivery even if i did give birth 5 days after my waters started leaking.

i thought if any one else has had this treatment it may be worth speaking up, it may shorten your delivery time.

good luck xx


  • Hey Anna

    I know how u feel, as i have been there myself with Laser Treatment and Colcoscopy, that was last year may and they make me come back every 2 weeks for a scan to keep an eye on my cervic and its was fully closed as they was worried that i might go prem labour but luckly that didnt happen but i am now having to go for C-Section on monday not because of this its because shes breech!!!

    i know how u feel and just want to say thanks for telling us this!!
    Cheriste 38+5 xxxxxxxxxx
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