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2nd birth - also posted in 2nd time mums and preg

hi ladies,

just wondered if anyone else is really panicking about giving birth to their 2nd child. ive not been sleeping for days now worrying about this.

my first ds was born very quickly, i never realised i was in labour ( i just had a sore back and if anything thought it was the very start of it all) whole thing prob only lasted 6 hours including all the mild back ache and i got into hosp just 10 mins before ds was born.

i keep thinking will i know this time and what happens if i dont, and i cant be running into labour wards everytime i get backache! im only 28 weeks and even last night i had a sore back and started thinking this could be it... of course it wasnt but i couldnt get to sleep thinking about it. my ds is only 19 months and there is just so much more to organise, if 2nd labours are quicker im pretty much screwed!! agghhh help!

is this sort of normal for 2nd times... does anyway else have the same silly worries?

el xx


  • Yes, I was 4hrs 10 mins with my son and I am 45 minutes from the hospital.
  • Hi hun,

    I'm pregnant with my 3rd child and i'm constantly worrying that i wont make it to the hospital. I was in labour for 48 hours with my ds, but only 1hr 34 mins with my dd who is only 18 months old and i'm due in 4 weeks. My mw suggested i have an home birth, but i really want a water birth and as my floors are floorboards its out of the question. Thing is with two young children at home and hubby works about and hour away, i'm patrified of it all kickng off anbeing home alone with the kids!
    Think we'll both just have to hope for the best x
  • I'm due in 6 days, and I can't have a homebirth anyway, but I am beginning to panic!

    Speckle, is it worth getting some cheap plastic sheting just in case?
  • im the same, was only in established labour for 50 minutes and i live 40 miles from the hospital and due in less than 5 weeks, crapping myself, ignorance is bliss the first time, really worried this time......
  • Lol......I totally agree

    Sam (40 Wks) xx
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