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Positive Induction stories please?????

Hi there ladies,

We have been told that we will be induced next month, at 36/37 weeks, can i please ask if there are any positive induction stories??

The midwife said it will probably take 3 days as this is our first this true, she painted a horrid story of how it will be? she said it will take up to 3 pesseries (sp) and the hormone drip??

I am so scared of it just not happening and then needing a c-section?

The few stories i have been told say that the induction is very this due to your body just not being ready?

Help.....i feel so scared, we were told I would have a c-section from day 1 so this all feels pretty freaky?

thanks & sorry for being such a wuss I just feel so out of my depth!

Moo xxx (31+4)


  • i was induced on two occasions and both time s were fine they broke my waters with no1 and i deliverd 4 hours later. pg no 3 iwas given the pesseri and it did nothing so they broke my waters again and that labour was only 2hors and 15 mins. they say most fist labous are long but not always try not to worry to much.
  • i was induced on two occasions and both time s were fine they broke my waters with no1 and i deliverd 4 hours later. pg no 3 iwas given the pesseri and it did nothing so they broke my waters again and that labour was only 2hors and 15 mins. they say most fist labous are long but not always try not to worry to much.
  • hi hun had an induction 6wks ago and it was my best birth yet i did need 5 doses of gel which took 3 days n then they finally broke my waters which didnt hurt at all, the drip part is not nice but i got the gas n air going before they even got near me with the needle n laughed all the way through it. the contractions are built up gradually and it only lasted 7 hours infact my drip worked so well that the babys head delivered almost without me having to push. i really cant say enough good things about it my other labours were very long and painfull and although the induction did take ages to get going it was so much easier the only down side was the gel makes you very sore inside. hope this helps xxxxx
  • Thanks ladies!

    It helps so much to hear some real stories...are the pessarys the same as the gel?

    Silly really i should just go with what i am told really but i think its the fear of the unkown and not being in control maybe?

    I am now trying to focus on afterwards!! mind over matter!

    love moo xxx
  • I was induced with my 2nd at 37 weeks. I was put straight on pessaries etc... my waters were broken at 9am and the drip attached. I had an epidural at 11am as the pain was getting quite bad. They did not put the drip too high and let me labour slow but sure. At 4pm they chcked me and I was 6cm. At 5.30 I said I could feel pressure (no pain tho as epidural still working) the student mw looked and could see babies head. One push and he slipped out weighing 5lb 12 oz. He was fine and well!!! He grazed me as he came out but no stitches.

    Good Luck

    d xx
  • I was induced last week, it was my first so I cant way whether it was more painful or not but it wasnt as bad as people have told me it would be. In fact I was saying to my oh that I kinda wish we could re-live it, I wouldnt change how my little one was born at all.
    Just try and keep an open mind about the whole experience hun, dont worry about it (worring isnt going to help anything) just think wont be long until you meet your little one. xxx
  • hi, i have been induced with 3 out of 5 of my pregnancies due to pre eclampsia. all of them have been positive and had a good out come. with my 2nd baby i was induced at 38 weeks had pessaries at 5.30 in the morning started to get mild periody pains straight away had my waters broke at about 6.30 in the evening this really helped. and i had gas and air and some pethidine. i had my baby at 11.39pm.
    with my 3rd baby i had my waters broken at midday as i was already 2cms but nothing happened so at 4pm i was put on a drip to speed things up. i must say that this was painful as it literally kick starts your body into labour, i had gas and air and pethidine and was continuously monitiored as i was on the drip. and i had my baby at 6.12pm.
    with my 5th baby i had pessaries at 3.30pm again i started to get pains straight away. i carried on like this all night then at 5.30am the next morning i was very uncomfy so i went up to the labour ward. then everything stopped, so had waters broke at midday and had gas and air, then had my baby at 3.15pm
    i feel that all my inducemants have been very positive and good outcomes. it's true that first inducements can take longer, but most of the time it is all good. there is a risk with all labours of c section but more with inducements as if they fail which can happen sometimes then a section is necessary. but 9 times out of 10 it's all fine. try not to worry too much. take
  • hi, i was induced when i had my daughter (now 20 mths). I was 37 weeks, they applied protin gel on my cervix at 12 noon which was uncomfortable but as soon as she walked away i was having my first contraction. I've only had the one baby so i can't compare it but my contractions were 30 seconds apart and very intense after 6 hours thet discovered i wasn't dilating because they were so close together and gave pethadine which slowed them up enough for me to get to 2 centimetres and then they broke my waters, i had her at 11.30 that night. I won't lie it was painful but i'm glad that it didn't take more than one attempt to get started as i had had enough by then! And to be honest i'd rather be induced next time too. good luck x
  • thanks ladies

    I am definately trying to think of it as a positive birth experience! we never ever expected to be blessed with are own baby (8 years in the making) so I must remember to make every moment positive no matter how painful and scary!

    thanks really does help hearing everyones birth story..each one makes it sound achievable!

    love moo xx
  • moo
    glad ur more positive about it, people were awful to me b4 mine kept saying its painful and dangerous but i found just as u will its fine n some people just like winding up a pregnant woman nice eh! if i have another n they said would i like to be induced the answer yes please! as another plus point is u get monitored more than a spontaneous delivery so i felt safer id never had babys heart listened to so much it was very reasurring and allowed me to plan everything like oh geting home n back in time for delivery xxxxxx good luck chuck i look forward to reading ur story when ur lo arrives
  • I was induced with my little girl, I was given the gel on the Monday then again on the Tuesday, its not very nice as they can cause contractions, which were pretty sore but I managed.
    On Wednesday they took me through to break my waters which wasn't painful at all, then I had the drip fitted just about 2pm. I went all the way to 5.30 (and the trip up at the highest it would go) before I decided to have an epidural. The pain is pretty bad but the gas and air will help you through it. I didn't want too much of the epidural as I wanted to know when to push, so it was great although the pain was near enough gone I could still feel when to push and I wasn't be told when to do it. I gave birth at 8.13pm so it wasn't that long!
    My little girl did have to be delived by forceps but that had nothing to do with the fact I was induced it was just because of the cord!

    I think if I ever have another baby I would like to be induced again, because you have a midwife with you the hole time (not like normal labour, or so I'm told).

    Hope it all goes well


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  • i was induced with my first born
    i was given the injection and contractions started 15 mins later
    3 hours 45 mins later my little boy was in my arms
    i found it painfull as you would expect but as it was my first i had nothing to compair it to.
    It feels worse as you dont get the build up of contractions like you would with a natural start, but remember there are things you can take to help with the pain, i took them with my first but not with my second as it was easier with the build up.
  • i am due to be induced at 38 weeks and although not happy about it, i haven't much choice (diagnosed with cancer and need surgery asap!) but it's great to hear some positives after all the bad long were you guys in hospital after having your babies?

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