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i want labour to start.

Im now 41 weeks pregnant and really want to meet my baby. Im having a home birth and was told i had to reach 37 weeks before it was safe to. I have been trying many things from that date to get it started. Things like curry, sex, walks, walking up/down stairs, raspberry leaf tea, pineapple, clary sage in a hot bath, lavender oil, birthing ball and many more.
I did have my first show at 36 weeks and the midwife said she couldn't see me getting to my due date. They only like you to go 12 days overdue, which leaves me 6 days. HELP I really dont want to go to hospital with my second as i had the worst experience ever.


  • hi im40/2 with my 2nd a girl and like you i have tried everything my mw doing a sweep on wed if nothing happens which i realy dont want as heard they hurt and very rarely work. i just gave in and decided she will come when she is ready and im just getting the sleep in til then. good luck x x
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