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Ryan James' birth story

Finally get to post my birth story!! i'll try to cut out some of the boring bits!
woke up with really bad period pain on sunday at 6, i had a sweep on sat so obv. worked! the pains came thick and fast every minute and lasted for a minute.i stayed at home for 2 hours as planned a home birth but midwife had hardly any gas and air so i told oh to get dad to take us hospital.

as soon as i got there i got the gas and air which made me stupid for about ten mins but did naff all for the pain. i tried the birthing pool for an hour but they still came every minute which i couldnt cope with. ended up with an epidural, which was great from 12-4, but then stopped working. it was topped up 5 times in before 8pm and they didnt know why it wasnt working!

after pushing for over an hour they decided to intervene at about 9.40 and i told them to do what they had to but not to tell me.i had a forceps delivery and an epsiotomy.the forceps was like a game of tug of war, was horrendous but Ryan was out quickly and straight on to me. i didnt even realise they were stitching me up, it was quite easy i suppose but very difficult and traumatic.Oh was amazing allthe way thorugh and we are all doing well.

Came home last night cos had to have 3 bloos transfusions cos of all the blood loss.
Ryan is feeding well and sleeping beautifully!I love him so much and am so glad to finally have himhere!

good luck to evryonewaiting

holly and ryan xxxxxxx


  • Congratulations,

    So glad to hear that little Ryan has arrived. I noticed you hadnt been online for a few days so I figured that you'd had him.

    Take care & enjoy the early days with him & have a fantastic xmas.

    Hilary x

    P.S. Well done to you oh too
  • Well done holly! Sounds like you did really well, can't wait for my lo to arrive now! xxx
  • Congratulations- I love the name. What a great christmas pressie!!!
  • Congratulations Holly
    You ended up with the same as me!! how was ur experience of lincoln? hope it wasnt to bad.

    Anyway congratulations again to the 3 of you.
    Rach and Harry
  • hi rach!
    yeah i did think of you actually, isnt the forceps a bit traumatic and tug of war like?!
    i found generally the care from the midwives very good, particularly on the labour ward. i asked for the epidural and it was done straight away. they were very good at listening to us. on the ward i was missed out for tea twice and had someone elses fod cos they had gone home and nothig left/i wasnt mobile and found them slow to come when u press the button, sometimes they never came back. my water jug was mostly empty!
    it wasnt too bad all in all although i did find it annoying how the where was no toilet in the bathroom!!

    hope u and harry are doing well?
  • Congratulations on baby Ryan I know u were waiting for him to arrive! I bet he is sooo worth all the hard work. I'm getting quite scared about the birth, lol, I want an epidural for sure! x x x
  • Congratulations on your lovely Christmas present!
    Take care and enjoy your precious new arrival.
  • Congratulations and well done!! Take care of yourself and enjoy your first christmas together xxx
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