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Hospital Bag!

I'm worrying about my hospital bag and not really sure if I have packed enough in it or not, can someone just let me know if they think I should pack any more/less than what I have packed:

For Labour:

1 Old Nightie ,1 Pair of bedsocks in case my feet get cold. ,Hair bobbles, Water spray bottle, lip balm, food and drinks, dressing gown.

For After Birth:

General toiletries, pj's/ and nightie, 5 pairs of old pants (is this enough), pack of maxi sanitary towels,(12), socks, dark towel, 3 sleepsuits, 8/10 nappies, hat, scratch mittens, boots, fleece blanket, pramsuit in case its cold, camera, change for car park and phone.

I can;t fit too much more in my bags so i'm a bit worried. :\?


  • Sounds good to me =]
    Also remember a few things for your support person such as snacks ect.
    Or if they plan on staying with you after baby is born, Some places dont privide food or bedding for these people. Good luck =]
  • Have you packed any cotton wool for cleaning baby's bottom? Oh, and nappy sacks - my hospital didn't provide either of these.

    Don't forget, any 'extra supplies' of anything you might need your partner or family can bring in when they visit you, so don't feel like you need to pack 5 or 6 days worth.

    Good luck hon!

    Hannah xx
  • Thanks very much for your messages, I best remember to pack some food and stuff for mummy don't want her starving! lol.
  • Maybe something to do in case your labour starts slowly or you are in overnight e.g. magazine, i-pod. Also do you have vests for the baby as well as sleepsuits? They'll probably need both at first so they stay nice and cosy.
  • Maybe you could have a back up bag at home incase you have to have a c section cause you stay in longer and might need more stuff. I learned this the hard way and my husband had to pick up other things I asked for most times was always getting it wrong!!
  • God there is so much to think about........... eeek!!! Every book you read tells you diffenrent things. Thank you !x

    37+1 weeks
  • i must have packed and re-packed mine 3 times already..but i think ive finally sorted it. I have packed all babies things into the changing bag and i have a back-pack. ive also got my cd player(with batteries not plug in) because id really like to have music on while im on labour and the hospital doesnt have cd players.
    did you have a baby blanket on your list? my hospital have said they provide blankets for baby but when my auntie had her little girl in january the hospital laundry department hadent sent enough up and she ended up having to be wrapped in a towel.

    bailey_b 39+1
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