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Adding Pics - Please Help !

Hi all,

As i'm a total noob and dont know how to do it ... can someone please enlighten me to how i add a pic into the chat box on here?

Ive got a lovelly pic of our 12 day old boy and i wanted to show it off as he looks simply scrumptuous !!


  • I'd ove to see a photoof Archie! Hope this helps:

    The photo you want to post has to be online first, not just stored on your computer. This is how posting pics works if the pic you want to add to a thread is already on Facebook:

    1) Right click on the pic you want to add and go to "properties"
    2) Copy the link that starts http and ends in .jpg (it's long)
    4) Paste this into your BE reply
    3) Highlight this link and click the Img button once
    4) Submit post as normal.

    (I'm not 100% certain how it works for other online photo sharing sites but I think you follow the same steps.)

    i hope this works !!!
  • aah thats fab thanks very much pinktoothbrush
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