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Not a happy bunny!

Hi everyone

At my last hospital appointment the consultant had booked me in for an induction today (1 day overdue) so for the last couple of days my oh and I preparing ourselves for the fact that we'd have a baby by tomorrow at the latest! We got to hospital this morning at 8.00am, the midwife had a feel externally, put the monitor on to hear it's heartbeat then decided she needed another opinion as it's heartbeat was being heard up by my belly button which was also where there was a great big lump (a bum she thought!). They brought a scanner in as she thought the baby had turned and was no longer engaged! It was still engaged though so we thought all was well!!! To cut a long story short, she got the registrar in cos she was confused why I had been induced so close to my due date. They did an internal (which was painful!!) and said that everything was closed up and didn't think it was right to induce me today. They went to see a consultant who agreed and said that we should leave nature to take it's course for another 9 days so we came home without having had our baby!!
I'm very disappointed, I know that everything the registrar and midwife said today was right so I agreed with them, I'm just angry that the initial consultant had booked me in in the first place!!
So, home with no baby and am now 1 day overdue!
Hope you're all ok?


  • Sorry to hear that Donna but it is a bit early to be induced.. plus you gotta remember these people know whats best for you and your baby. I can totally understand how excited you must of be mostly pissed off as im so impatient. I just hope your lo gets to it very quickly for you xx
  • Thanks! I had thought it was a bit early to be induced when she initially said it but as she was a consultant I didn't question it cos I thought she knew best! She said it was because baby was quite big and I also have spd. I'm angry at her for suggesting it in the first place, the people I saw today were great and while they didn't refuse to do the inducing they just gave us all the information we needed to make the right decision. We both want what is best for me and the little one and to be honest when they said I could be in hospital for days waiting for it to work, it lost all it's appeal!!
    I too am impatient but I know it's for the best - I just wish I'd never been given today as a date!
  • Hi Donna...what a nightmare...I was induced at 38 weeks and it certainly took a bloody long time to get it going and was a pretty scary experience...but then I was also induced on my due date last time. Both times were due to pre-eclampsia the first time was much more serious than 2nd time...and was told that I had until midnight to do it myself or it was section time...I gave birth to Holly at 11.56pm!!! The 2nd one on my due date was much easier, so I can only assume that inductions later on are easier.

    Still doesn't help you as you wanted your baby now...and not in 9 days. Really hope that maybe the internal will start to get things
  • so sorry for you. i understand why you are so angry and upset-i would be too. on the plus side have avoided an induction so far. have had 2 myself(well one full induction and one waters broken) as both girls were 2weeks overdue. anyway fingers crossed for you-my 2nd started naturally on day of induction so time yet
  • Thanks for your replies! I'm feeling better today, not quite so grumpy!! I'm now looking forward to having the next 8 days to see if lo arrives on his/her own accord! I'm praying it does but I guess we'll see!
    The internal didn't start anything off except for a bit of bleeding but the midwife said that was normal!
    Thanks again everyone, you made me feel much better!
  • hiya. Well i am 31 weeks tommorrow, and they have booked me in 3 days after my due date. I wont build my hopes up now after reading your post. Good luck and i hope your lo comes out soon x
  • I hope you get your induction when they've booked it for! It was very frustrating to get all hyped up for an induction and a date when your baby will arrive only to get there and get sent home without the little one!! I was gutted although as I said in an earlier post, I would never want to do anything to jeopardise either mine or the babys health! Am now 4 days over, very uncomfy and have tried every old wives tale going so am now just trying to relax in the knowledge that my baby will come when it's ready!!
    Good luck though
  • I know how annoyed you are feeling the same thing happened to me. I had high blood pressure so the consultant kept me in hospital for 24 hours. The next morning i saw a different consultant who said that i would be induced within the next 24 - 48 hours for the head consultant to come and see me and send me home!!!! I was so excited one mintue then peed off the next - so much for trying to keep my blood pressure down! A week later i had a sweep done which didn't work, went back to the hospital a week after that the same consultant who sent me home booked me in for induction that weekend. Good luck to you though, keep us posted Michelle xxxx
  • It will be better for you if you can go into labour on your own. I found that with my second baby, because i was induced ( due to gestational diabetes) it was really painful compared to going into labour naturally like i did with my first. Not looking forward to this labour as ive been told that i will be induced on or around my due date again.
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