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I was just wondering if anyone has any good advice where a home birth is concerned. I had a bad time in the hospital with my son 6 years ago. I would like a water birth this time and would like to be at home as well as it looks more comfertable. If anyone has had a water birth at home i would welcome any advice you can give.



  • i could go on for hours a bout this subject as i had an amazing home birth in the water but il try not to boar you. i brought a birth pool in a box as hiring was really expensive and a pain in the bum, also they resale well on ebay. we used loads of towels and sheets just to put round the pool and that was it really. i even delivered her up out of the water my self. it was so relaxing and it felt surprisingly normal to be at home. my son who was 2 1/2 was there he just played with the midwifes stuff and checked on me every now and then. my oh also hates hospitals so he loved it, i was surprised how well he coped aswell he took care of everything for me. i put the pool in the kitchen so it was easy to fill and drain and we just had the cooker hood light on so it was quite dark and peacefull. then moved to the lounge after to curl up on the sofa. i recomend it to everyone, your body has a lot better chance of doing what its suppost to when your relaxed
  • Hi Becky K
    There was lots of good responses to your question a couple of days ago on page 2 of this forum. I always end up writing too much after having a wonderful home water birth and wrote a few times on that one. xx
  • HI again, sorry I feel really mean for telling you to read the other post on homebirth (I was trying to write it at the childrens bedtime which probably wasn't the best time!) - I really could go on about it for ever as the entire experience was so fantastic. My lo is 11 months and I was watching her birth on the video this morning and just have the most wonderful memories as everything was so perfect. I also had an awful 1st birth in hospital and a slightly better 2nd one but not this home water birth that I had always hoped for. I hope you have a better experience this time and I truly believe that the best births are at home xx
  • Hi,
    My lo is 12.5 months and I had a home birth and it was an amazing experience. When my OH called for the midwives, they came straight away and didn't leave my side til my baby was delivered safely, and checked over and made sure he was breast feeding, and the house was all cleaned up!!
    When I was having contractions I was able to wander around the comfort of my own home, drink out of my own mug, eat my own toast. I was just so relaxed. I would have hated being in hospital and I'm sure I had a lovely birth because I was very relaxed at home.........Oh I could go on forever!!! But I REALLY reccommend it. Good luck and let us know how it goes
  • Thanks all for the messages of comfort in my decision. I still have a few weeks to decide (13+) but after attending my first aqua natal class last week and really feeling 'weightless' and comfortable i am looking forward to it now more than ever. I will keep everyone posted, but i feel at this stage that it will take a lot to change my mind... life threatening circumstances for me or my little girl.

    Thanks again for all the kind words.
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