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help my baby is O.P

my wife is curently 39 weeks pregnant and we have just found out that it is OP position (spine to spine)
not having much look in finding much info on this except it's best if it turns itself before hand or else it will be an extremely long and painful/assisted labour.

can any one offer any advice as she is very worried and i'm taking the brunt of it.




  • Tell yout wife to get on her hands and knees and "walk" around the floor for a while, this can make the baby move position from back to back to normal. x
  • thanks she has been doing that all weekend,even washed all the floors but says it hurts her wrists end knees.
  • Tell her to try sitting forward on a chair, no slooping back into the sofa! I would also advise sitting on her knees with her arms leaning on the sofa and you rubbing her back or giving her a massage. Its good to try and turn baby, good for your wife to relax and good practice for you when she is in labour and needs her back rubbeed. x
  • thanks will try that later she's gone swimming with her sister at the moment,that might do something ?
  • my baby was in this position too and it did make things last longer in terms of labour and pushing. i dont know how she can make it turn, sorry to not be any help there but id really reccommend that she researches pain relief well and chooses something, and then asks for it as soon as things get a bit painful and that should make things so much easier for her. i had diamorphine and it was amazing! i slept through most of the pushing part, i WISH id taken it a lot earlier though as i only got it when 9cm! good luck xx
  • All advise given above is what i was given wen my baby was back to back. He did turn but then turned back agen just in time for labour (lil bugga), I hope baby turns coz back to back labour is very painful (it was for me anyway). Gud Luck, Kerry xxx
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