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Hi all,

Just a quick question, I am looking at using pathidine injection drug as a pain relief. I have read and no all the side effects the pros & the cons of the drug.

But i would like to no your oppion (if you used the drug) & what you thought of it?

Angie xx

37 + 3


  • For me the drug didnt take any of the pain away but it did send me to cloud coo coo land!!!!
  • No, No, No, I had it with my first and was sooooo sick, out of it and baby was so sleepy when born he turned in to a little screaming devil 3 hrs later when it wore off.
    It didnt take the pain away either(he was back to back), TBH I would say dont have it but there may be other ladies had used it and had a good effect from it???
  • I didn't want it either but I couldn't cope with just gas and air in the end. As the others have said it didn't help with the pain so much but it did knock me out- I seriously have no recollection of my labour from pethedine injection to pushing stage! Haiden came out not crying and they were a bit concerned, but she just didn't want to cry- she was absolutely fine xx
  • I had it with my first, he didn't have any side effects of sleepiness etc but it did make me so high (combined with the gas & air) that I could hardly talk and felt sooooooooooooo out of control. The slight relief that it provides is not worth it in my opinion. xx
  • I did not like gas and air, and when asked for epidural midwife could not complete the internal. (I told her to get her fingers out and leave, but not in nice words :P) So I opted for some pethidine and it was very good. It did not take the pain away, but made me being able to rest in between contractions. I still remember everything, I know what I said and when I said it. If needed I will use it if there is ever a second time.
  • I had this with my son, and have to agree with the other that i was away with the fairies. It made me sleepy to inbetween each contraction. I don't remember alot about my labour apart from the 2 mentioned factors, so combined with gas & air, i was well away. The pain was still there, but not sure ifit was as bad or not, as it was my 1st. I'm not sure if my son cried or not when born as i was just out of it. He wouldn't feed for 24 hours, but then was fine, so not sure if this was/wasn't to do with the pethedine. He wasn't sleepy at all.

    I'm looking at using it again if necessary with this pregnancy as i'd rather this than epidural anyday!
  • I had this with my first and loved it (12 years ago) am planning to have it again!

    didnt really take the pain away but was on cloud 9!!
    makes u a little sleepy too!

    i cant have G& A just the smell makes me sick! but been told to get through the sick bit and its ok!!
  • i used it and it made me go to sleep for about an hour, i wouldnt have said it relieved the pain but i guess if i fell asleep then i cant have been in too much pain??? I didnt go silly in the head like some women seem to - same with gas & air (its rubbish and does nothing). I had it three hours before dd was born so the pethadine had worn off by final pushing stage so i had no pain relief for the end. I said afterwards that i wouldnt use pethadine again but cant actually remember my reasons any more. I think just the fact that i slept meant my labour was longer (although it was only 15 hours start to finish which isnt all that bad really). I think if its a choice betweed pethadine & epidural, i would go for pethadine as it probably has less of an effect on baby and gives your body a bit of a break from contractions.
  • hi ya!! Did you mean epidural as i has less effect on baby and a break from contractions!! x x
  • just found out i cant have this at my home birth!!!! OH dear now what are my options G&A that makes me sick!!!!
  • I have been told & read that you were aloud this for home births as the midwife is able to give the injection & a doctor is not needed, who has told you it was not aloud!!! x x
  • my MW!!! she said its not used! and they only have special licence to carry small cylinders of G&A!!

    would you know who i can talk to about this????

    i wonder sometimes if its MW personal opinion or not???
  • ok, so i googled pethidine for home births, and come up with a range of answerd some saying it cant be used, others saying it can be. If you on to google & type pethadine for home births then scroll down to, i found this to be the best one to help.

    Angie x x
  • ok, so i googled pethidine for home births, and come up with a range of answerd some saying it cant be used, others saying it can be. If you on to google & type pethadine for home births then scroll down to, i found this to be the best one to help.

    Angie x x
  • thanks Angie!!!
  • When I had all four wisdom teeth out, the hospital sent me home with a load of strong morphine-based painkillers (of which Pethidine is a derivative). They made me crazy, ended up lashing out at OH and felt very strange. Obviously, don't want to start on the midwives, so I'm hoping there is some alternative to Pethidine, as I don't want to just have G&A and epidural as pain relief options!

    Kathryn 31+4
  • They have Mepzaptinol or disamorphin, As alternatives to Pethadine. I was looking at Mepzaptinol as this will not effect the baby. I googled all labour pain reliefs, You should do the same i found it very helpful!!!

    39 + 4 x x
  • I had pethidine with my son (13 years ago) They think they gave it too me too close to delivery as my son came out blue and not breathing. He was rushed away from me but was ok in the end... He was returned to me half an hour later where they admitted they nearly lost him... Now this may or may not be down to the pethidine but I'm now pregnant with my 4th and would never ever have it since then.
  • Thanks Angie, I'll give it a go.
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