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4/5 engaged

I noticed that the midwife wrote that on my notes on Friday, but didn't bother to explain to me what it means. I take it baby is headed in the right direction? How engaged does he have to be for labour to start?
Clare 39+1


  • Hi MrsC06

    When they write that some midwifes mean they can feel 4/5ths of the babies head whilst other mean they can feel 1/5th. It goes basically by there hand span so one finger counts for 1/5th. fully engaged is 5/5ths. Baby can be 2/5ths one week then next visit 3/5ths then visit after back to 2/5ths, this is common in second pregnancies. Babes head popping back up but nothing to worry about as they go back down when the time is right.

    I would say your bubs is nearly engaged and if this is your first it is perfectly normal. My first son was 4/5ths engage from 25wks onwards.

    hope this helps and i havent confused you!?

  • It is a good sign if you are 4/5 ths engaged coz baby is now in birthing position but as Becks says if this is your first then this happens a lot earlier in your pregnancy.
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