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have my waters broke? please help

i had membrane sweep on friday and since then i have been having niggly pains now n then and my stomach keeps hardening up. i heve also since been keep getting very wet down below, but its not a discharge its a clear water. but can your waters break slowly coz its a trickle now and then and dont know what it is xx


  • Hi lynsey with my first i didnt even feel my waters break i went to the toilet looked down and i had grey tracksuit bottoms on and had a really big wet patch and got it checked and it was my waters. With my second i felt it but it was only trickling at first. It would maybe be worth giving the hospital a ring and they normally get you to come in just to test if it was your waters as they dont like to leave you more than 48 hours after your waters have gone to go into full labour due to risk of infection.

    Hope this helps and let us know xx
  • thanks hun. do u know how they test u? coz i hate the internals lol. xx
  • I had it both times and unfortuantely it is an internal and they use a speculum(not sure of spelling) and ithey use a special swab which detects if it is your waters there and then. I used to hate internals but once in labour you sort of get used to them but it doesnt mean you like them!! This one they do though isnt painful just a its a little uncomfortable its hard to say though but the more you relax the better it is and only normally takes a minute.

    Hope this helps xx
  • Good luck lyns!!!!! xxx
  • hiya thanks for all ur msgs. i went t hospital and since fri babys head has dropped right down bt midwife dnt rekn its me waters. i dont know why bt i just really think it is. time will tell though lol xx
  • All the best Lynsay.
    Denise xxx
  • good luck lynsay!
    sounds like the same thing that happened to me, thought it was my waters went to hospital and told it was a show, but i went into labour that night so hopefully it won't be long for you!
  • Good luck, sweetheart. Sounds like your little one will be on its way soon!
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