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can anyone who has had a baby talk to me !!

any mums out there who have had a baby tell me, im gettin pressure and pushing down feeling under my bump on my knicker line.

i dont know if im getting contractions or not, but my bump does keep going hard, but no pain when this happens.

and having back pain too

it also hurts when i stand up and sit down !!!

i had a show on saturday, only light 1 with no blood, but a little coming out each day




  • sounds like things are moving on although I did have this for about 2 weeks before my baby arrived. I was told I was in the latent stage of labour. Its awful coz you cannot relax and you keep thinking this is it.

    My contractions were all in my lower back, i know it sounds like a cliche but I promise you, that you will know when its the real thing hun.

    try not worry and do plenty of walking that helped me, i looked like a cat looking for a place to sh1t. but it helped the pain and its s'posed to help baby getting into position for a faster labour.

    Hope this helps and good luck xx
  • Hi

    I've just checked your profile & you're not due for another couple of weeks. If your not suffering any pain then its probably not contractions cos I can assure you that they hurt!
    It may just be strong Braxtons.

    Good luck x
  • Hi it could be the head engaging especially if it's your first. But if your concerned ring m/w and she'll be able to tell you or check it out for you. Good luck let us know what she says...Lisa xxx
  • I had similar pains especially in the evening. It was quite uncomfortable and painful and I did think I was in labour a couple of times! I think it was just the baby's head engaging. The tightenings are braxton hicks contractions. Good Luck!
  • I had back pain and tightning/cramp like pains for a couple of weeks before I actually went into labour. The day I went into labour I had a slight bloody show in the morning then my waters broke but it was at intervals all day & night. My contractions started very light and extremely bearable all day it wasn't until 9 o clock at night that they really started. I told my midwife about the cramping pains and she said it sounded like strong branxton hicks, a week later I had my baby in my arms!
  • Had a show on saturday, an continued on sunday and mondayand tuesday with pains, called my mum who lives in spain, she booked a flight to come bk on tuesday nite arrive at my house at 3am, i woke at 6 with contractions, went to the hopital at 8amwas 4cm dilated, gave birth at 12.19 in the afternoon, was reay to go have a bath 30 min later and midwife checked blood loss as i said it seems a lot, she was concerned and went to tell a doctor returned with 5 doctors, as i was hemeraging! the doctor then swabbed all the blood to put it bluntly she stuffed 5 swabs inside me and her hand and was twisting the swabs, it was agony, she then put a catheter inside me, and i needed internal stitches. i had to stay in the nite and found it hard to look after my baby as my partner or mum wasnt allowed to stay, am still very sore and could cry when i go to the toilet and this is a week later, the doctors wouldnt tell me what they were doing to me so that made me panic more im discusted with the way the 1 doctor who was swabbing me treated me!! an am going to put a complaint in to the hospital as her attitude was sickening.

    dont mean to put anyone off just wanted to talk about my 1st time experiance as it has scared me a lot!
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