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39 +4 - is it normal to have intense contractions on and off

hi ladies...
right for a couple of days now ive had pretty intense contractions on and off.... but they stop after about an hour!!.. very frustrating!!!

is this normal...

im absolutely certain they are not braxton hicks as they are painful and come in big regular waves!!.....

was induced last time so dont know what to expect. ive had so many changes going on in my body too...
so what does this mean...
is this the latent phase??... am i dilating? ... and why do they keep stopping!?

any advise would be much appreciated.
Em x


  • Hi Em

    I would give your midwife a quick ring or if she's not available then the maternity unit at the hosp. You may be in the early stages of labour but the only way to be sure is to be monitored.

    Good luck
    Liz x
  • Hi Em I went into labour at 33 weeks, started contractions Wednesday tea time and told baby would arrive by the morning as I was 3cm dilated. Contractions stopped over night and had nothing the whole of Thursday. Contractions started again about midday Friday and Kenny was born 7pm.

    This could be the start to labour so phone your MV for advice.
    Good luck
  • thanks!.. i do hope so.. im tired of being pregnant now...
    feeling very sick indeed lately nad back aching!....
    not had anything last night.....
    lets hope it starts up again this evening!

    thanks ladies
  • I had contractions on and off from 37 weeks. Midwife said it was just my body getting ready for labour. I went in to labour at 39+5 and had my little girl at 39+6. They were really painful and would sometimes last for hours, they never got closer than 20 mins apart though.

    Fingers crossed your lo makes an appearance soon.
  • thanks hon..
    still nothing yet apart from the odd contraction!!.. im due tomorrow!!.. and so fed up with being pregnant now...
    i just know ill go overdue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks for all your experiences girls!
  • it could just be your body gettiing ready i went to hospital and even they were suprised that i wasnt in labour with the contractions i was having but i wasnt
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