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mylene klass has given birth!

mylene klass gave birth yesterday morning three weeks early.she had a little girl called Ava quinn.she was only 5lb 9 considering mylene looked massive.
she went home from the one show on friday feeling funny went to hospital and they said she was in labour.
well good luck anyone else due in a few weeks.
my son is now six months xx


  • I never liked that woman..i dont know why! Everyone thinks shes gorgeous but i think she can look really scary! lol..good luck to her though... I still got 7 and bit weeks till my due date x
  • Congrats to Mylene....!!
  • I think it was actually 3 or 4 days ago she gave birth?

    Good luck to her
  • Yeah I heard it on the radio on Friday, I think she was three and a half weeks early, or it might have been two and a half.
  • God I'm due the same time she was, it was her 1st as well, it's a race now between me and Charlotte Church, not sure what her exact date is, mine is 10th Sept, anyone know?
  • Apparently Charlotte Church is due 3rd week of Sept - her mum has 'let it slip' in an interview or something.....
  • im due in 12 days 2nd september, had a show and a few pains

    so hopin she will be early cos very uncomfortable !!

  • Oh i never knew...congrats to Mylene - lucky girl!!
  • hi
    congrats to mylene i like her too.i got 3-4 weeks left and i had stomach pains the other night i just hope i dont give birth early coz i got to move in a couple of weeks(or bit later).but i dont know if i had a show yet or only discharge.

    i got to see my mw wednesday and thursday go back to hospital to check if baby has turned around that.will see what they saying.

    fingers crossed

    love eve xox
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