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waters breaking????

came home from shopping last night and i was stood in the bathroom doing washing and all of a sudden i had a huge gush of liquid come out it filled a pad and soaked all of my clothes so i thought yer my waters have gone so phoned the hospital who told me to go in and get checked so i did i see the doctor and they did an internal but said that my waters had not gone i dont understand it was far too much to be wee has anyone got any advice im 37 and half weeks gone:roll:


  • That's strange, sounds like a show! I remember with my first i leaked alot of fluid and they said it was my hind waters?!

    Im sure you would know if you had pee'd yourself, they make you feel so daft sometimes don't they! Like you don't know your own bodies let alone believe your actually pregnant! lol

  • yer they did make me feel abit dumb if it was my hind watres how long were you before the rest went
  • I think if i remember correctly i went home and came back the next day and they monitored my pad and confirmed it was slow waters breaking, no gush like you though. I think i was a few cm's dilated as well. It was 5 years ago now and feels like longer as with every pregnancy its always different.

    If your having to wear a big pad and not just a panty liner that just gets damp i would say its a slow release? Also im sure they say once waters have broken only shower so maybe best on the safe side to avoid a bath!?

    When do you see your midwife next?
  • i see the midwife wednesday which i will be 38 weeks the doc said my cervix was closed do you think they cud of made a mistake maybe? i have had the chronic diarroah too.
  • I dont think doc would of made a mistake if he gave you an internal, the runs isn't nice either, i would say if your really worried call them back and tell them all this. Are you experiencing any cramping at all? Mind you crampings could be down to the runs so hard tell. Very frustrating.

  • i got back ache but not cramp you have been a great help many thanks for advice will give it till tomra to see if anything else happens.
  • well keep us posted. x
  • yer i had quite a bad pregnancy just want him here now i have had the chronic diaroah for a few days and it seems to be getting worse
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