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baby Eli was born on the 24th april 08

hi sorry i have'nt posted any sooner ive been stayin with a friend and she has'nt got the internet my baby is now currently 4weeks on thurs its gone soo quick my labour and birth was only 2 n half hours altogther image but it was bluddy painful Eli weighed 9lb5oz he was blue wen he came out which was worrying but he started to cry it was such a relief image.ill tell u bit about my birth story now.

my 1st contraction started around 1030pm on the 23rd i was havin them roughly every 6-7mins and lasting around 50 secs they were bascially coming all over the place they were'nt very regular to start with then at around 4am-4.15 my waters broke with a huge pop after that my contractions were comin thick and fast and gettin more painful we did'nt leave for the hospital until around 5.15 on the way to the hospital i could'nt bear the pain nomore image i could feel the baby descendin lower and lower and felt like i needed to push but my mum sed i prob dnt need to and should have plently of time but ohno as soon as we got to the hospital i had bit of gas n air and then was examined and was 10cm so i then started to push and push wen it got to the crownin stage that took bit longer as Eli had quite big head and the midwife did'nt want me to tear but in the end i finally did it and Eli Rhys James Beith was born at 6.32am im sooo happy hes such a contented lil baby hes sooo good hes currently havin 6oz of milk now he weighs nearly 11lb hes 56cm in length.

gd luck to the rest of u who have'nt had ur babies yet xxx
abbie n Eli xx


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