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bleeding after membrane sweep?

hiya i had my sweep done today at 12pm and when i got home i noticed a brownish discharge. but when i wipe there is pink blood on tissue, is this normal?

thanks susan 41 weeks xxxx:\?


  • yeah hun, my cousin told me she bled loads after her sweep, my midwife did warn me it may happen afterwards but it didn't for me and neither did the labour lol hope it gets things moving for you x


  • Thats quite normal.. But unfortunalty it isnt a guarenteed sign of labour!! Only 30% of M.Sweeps are sucesfull. If nothing has happened within 24 hours, then you'll know its not going to, and if it does it isnt because of the MS. Good luck though and I hope it works for you.
  • Hi, i'm not sure about others but for me when i had a sweep at around the same time in the day as you i bled and gave birth that night so fingers crossed for you hun xxx
  • Hi
    I had sweep with both my babies and went into labour the next day with the first and the same day with the second. I had bleeding after both too, brown to start with, then pinky/red. Followed by a show. I really hope your sweep works for you.....
    Good luck. x
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