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Max's Birth Story (also in preg)

Well as you all know i went in hospital on tuesaday to be induced as my waters had gone all those weeks ago, well finally went down to labour ward on thursday at 5pm as they had been so busy. They gave me the prostin tablet and sent me back up to ward til morning as they were so busy, said it prob wouldnt do anything as other times it never did anything, Well went back up to ward and at 9pm got tighteneings every 5-7 mins but werent painful just uncomfortable. Fell asleep and woke up at half two with more tightenings just a little more painful, managed to fall asleep then at half three woke up and were more painful, Mw told me to get in bath and everytime a pain came to pour water over my bump and breathe with it, which is what i did as they were getting very painful, decided to get out of bath after and hour and half as was very scared and was in alot of pain, i knew that when i got out they would be more intense, but couldnt cope in bath. I got out and pain was incredible i was shaking and sweating and kept saying i though i was going to faint, which i nearly did so took my bp which was very low, so Mw told me she would ring labour ward as they were still busy and see if i could go down at half six. I was in alot of pain and for some delerious reason took my knickers of in front of all staff in corridor and threw them in the bin?? They were clean and no reason for it?? I asked mw to ring jon cos was scared to be on my own, which she did do at 6-15 and told him not to rush as i would be ages yet, I knew otherwise but she said she knew i would be ages?? HOW?? Anyway 5 mins later i was screaming for pain relief and was laid in corridor, must have looked a right plonker lol so she decided to take me down then, i was slumped in wheel chair with my legs wide open for all to see, and all staff down there were laughing at me as i approached the ward lol as soon as i was wheeled into the room i jumped up and declared i had to push, the urge was unreal, i was so scared of what it was going to feel like, but knew i had no choice but to get on with it, so went for it! Three pushes later he was born and the pain wasnt even that bad from pushing, just a little stinging. He was born at 6-30 with no pain relief at all or stitches or tears, so was good job i was brought down when they did or would have had him on ward.Jon got to hospital at 7-25 and missed it all, which didnt really bother me, felt quite proud of myself. He weighs 8lb 6oz and i call him mr burns, cos of his hair line. I will post more pics when i can figure it out. Why did no one remind me how painful it is to wee, had the shock of my life!!! Using a jug of hot water when i do now. He's breastfeeding constantly and is also a nightime baby, slept all day and woke all night, (i knew i'd get another one lol) Hope evryone else is ok and doing good. Oh and i went to find my knickers but they had gone image sara and max xx Will put some more on when can

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