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Any symptons before realising you were in labour?

Hi I was just wondering whether anyone had any symptoms before they actually realised that they were in labour.
E.g. headaches, stomach aches, upset tummy etc, whether coincidental or not.

I'm 38 + 5 and feeling soo fine at the moment, that I can't imagine labour any time soon.




  • my bowels totally cleaned out sorry for tmi lol and i was very stiff the day b4, bit uncomffy to walk, x
  • hi,
    I was the same as hayley and was at toilet lots of times in a few hours. (sorry tmi!).
    Had sore stomach so though had eaten something funny or had too much raspberry tea, turned out was in early labour and for some reason took me hours to twig what was happening!! xx
  • I'm due tomorrow but all I've had lately is period like pain and its really uncomfortable to walk , what are the chances of my baby making an appearance this week?
  • i had backache then my waters went day after had tummy pains aswell
  • hi i felt weird! and i was also unbelievably tired even tho full nights sleep my son was 6 days early and i just knew that something was different good luck!!! xxx
  • Hi

    I had no symptoms before going into labour. I'd had no Braxton Hicks throughout my preg, I didn't experience nesting, I had no odd cravings or urges. If I hadn't seen my scans I would have thought I was having a phantom preg!

    I was woken by mild contractions and need to poo; LO made an appearance 19 hours later!

    Good luck x
  • I was having period like pains for a few days before hand... though these turned out to be mild contractions! I wasnt convinced i was in labour until i had a hind water leak (which i thought was my waters going!) and the 'period like pains' were 6mins apart. I think i was in total denial that i was ever gonna give birth! Baby Annabel came 5days late (2weeks ago). I had no other signs though. x
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