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Maybe early signs?

Hi all. This is my first pregnancy and I know everyone is different but I was hoping I could pick your brains...

I'm 37+6, healthy, active & have had pregnancy with no bad side-effects (yeah, you can hate me! x) Like most people I want baby to come sooner rather than later but I'm not experiencing the "text book" pre-labour signs.

Here's my "symptoms":
For the last few days I have been going for a poo (sorry, tmi) about 2-3 times daily although my stools are still quite solid (I haven't suddenly changed my diet).
Over the last week I have really felt the baby pushing down, especially when I walk around.
Today baby movements have reduced, he's still wriggling but just not as much.
I'm feeling hyper-emotional - just balled my eyes out for no reason.
I can't shift the feeling that something's gonna happen (its probably just wishful thinking).
My cat is prowling round & wont leave me alone for very long.

I've had no show
No Braxton Hicks, seriously none not even a twinge
No nipple leakage
No nesting urge

Any thoughts? Anyone on their 2nd/3rd pregnancy who had similar experience.
Any replies would be appreciated x


  • hi pixi woo...
    I would say try to stop worrying about whether you have labour signs.. Easily said than done i know... but I actually drove myself mad 37ish weeks.. and have given up thinking about it now. I thought I had so many symptons and was sure he was going to come early... ..... I was checking the toilet paper everytime i went to the loo too!!... lol
    I tormented myself something rotton... but cant be bothered now...

    Im now just coming up to 39 weeks.. and have given up trying to question myself :lol: .... Instead im petrified about the birth now!... and im making the most out of the time i have left.. to do last minute bits and bobs on my own...

    hopefully your buba will come earlier.. but seriously .. make the most of it...
    Its only just dawned on me that im only a week away from due date now!>... image

  • hey pixie.

    well still no arrival of my little one yet. only 2 weeks to go from tommorow. im so excited. are you?
    it sounds like your baby is getting ready too now. my bump has got smaller as the baby as dropped.
    for the past two night s i,ve been waking up in pain (period pains) with contractions. it starts around 4 and settles by 12 pm. had to phone the mw yesterday as they were every 20 mins but they stopped. my mw said that they would stop or become more regular and more painfull. then had it again this morning, every 10 mins and a bit more intense but they faided by the afternoon so didnt worry.
    im getting a bit fed up as i just want them to kick off into the real thing. its such a time wasting experince as i sit there most of the morning timing them for it to just stop!
    maybe i will go for a walk tommorow as i've read its ment to bring them on more! but i suppose she will come when the time is right.
    i hope all is well with you. let me know how you get on.
    emma xx
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