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i'm 40 weeks & still no signs of Labour


I'm 40 weeks with my 2nd baby and still don't feel any pains yet. I went to the hospital and was told i was already 2cm dilated but i still don't feel any pain! I want the baby out like yesterday, but do i wait for the contractions to come naturally or do i ask for an induction? I really need your advise.




  • i know exactly how you feel, i am 40+4 and they won't induce me till next wed when i'll be 41+4, it's even against their policy to give me a sweep till i'm 41 weeks and all this is even tho the baby is expected to be over 9 lb just now. I am so annoyed I just want this over. I feel even worse as at my booking in appointment i was told that as i had had a previous large baby and had had a rough time having him they wouldn't let me go over my due date this time
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