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Anyone had a Propess Induction before?

Hi all, posted in pregnancy too!

I got my induction date today after a rubbish appointment which I won't bore you with!

Anyway, he said they are using this new thing called Propess instead of the Prostin pessary gel. He felt I ought to know the risks and said it carries a higher risk of needing an emergency c-section!!! because of it failing etc. image

Does anyone have any experience of this? Please please help if you know anything!!!

A girl from my class had this and was eventually given an emergency c-section so now I am shitting my pants a bit!!!

Joo xxx


  • Hi Joo

    Whens your induction date? Mines 7th May.

    I was told they are going to use the pessary gel so not sure about this new thing - would tey not give you the choice? Sounds a litle scary?

    Mel 40+5
  • hi Joo

    we used to use Propess years ago -if it is the same thing!! i'm not sure why we stopped using it, but i would say it was either cos it was too expensive or because it wasnt as effective as Prostin gel (we now use pessaries instead of the gel as they are a lot cheaper!!!!)

    the Propess we used was on a string so we could pull it out if it caused very quick contractions!

    good luck with your induction

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