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am i in slow labour??

hi i am 39 weeks pregnant today. this morning i woke up with diarrhea and also little niggly sharp pain there not hurtin as such but ive had them all day and my stomach is churning and makin noises:\? could this be signs of slow labour please help!!! xx


  • I'm not sure hun, but if you post in the pregnancy forum you will get more responses!

    Good luck!

  • I started with the same at 39 weeks and gave birth 2 days later. It's the bodies way to ready you for birth, clearing out your pipes so to speak, and the funny feelings etc in your tummy is baby getting into final position, probably more diarrhea on the way and everything tightening ready for labour.

    This isn't labour yet but it means it isn't far away!! Good luck when it happens hon xxx
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