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can anyone help

i have two children already and am trying again for another one the only thing is im anxious cause both my boys were born by c section and i really want a natural home birth, cause i now have a poor opinion of hospitals and there staff because i was treated poorly.

do u think i will be able to have my home birth after having 2 c sections :?


  • Hi hun, i'm not really sure on this one but isnt there a prob with (now dont wanna scare you but...) rupturing the c-section site? Maybe you should have a chat with gp.xx
    Hope you can though.xx

  • Try (I think, if not, google homebirth)
    for advice. I think that depending how far away your nearest hospital is and how positive your midwives are, it's quite likely that you can have a homebirth. On this site, if my pregnant brain is remembering correctly!, there are lots of mothers' homebirth stories and I think several of them are after C sections. If it is what you want, keep researching and taking advice. It's amazing what possibilities we have if we are really determined and well informed. If you can find the money, you could even get an independent midwife and choose one who perhaps has lots of experience with VBAC (vaginal births after c-section) at home. Good luck!
  • I would definitely try and fight for one, if that's what you want. You will be advised to have another section though to avoid rupturing the scar. I have had 1 section and am told the chance of the scar rupturing during a natural birth after 1 section is 1 in 1000 so not sure what it is after 2 sections. Personally I enjoyed my c section experience and would have another over a natural birth & am told I'd probably need one anyway. But a lot of people have bad experiences & you should have a natural birth if that is what you want, but be prepared to fight for it.
  • hiya i had a c section 5 yrs ago and this time round been told that i m not allowed a home birth as previous sections put you in a higher risk category and need closer monitoring. I think things do vary from place to place but i'm in kent and was told straight away no chance for home birth...sorry if i bring bad news xxxxx
  • I would think that if they let you have a natural birth, it would be under the condition that you do it in hospital in case something was to happen, but then again, surely they can't force you to do something you don't want to do, so it's always worth fighting your corner and seeing what comes of it xx
  • Can i ask in what way you were treated poorly. I had fantastic care up to George being born then afterwards it was dreadful. x
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