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group b strep-anyone had it?

i've recently been in hospital and on the first of 3 stays it was found that i have group b strep, and i will have to have intravenous antibiotics for 4 hours before baby is born. this is my second pregnancy and i'm getting really anxious about labour now because of this and also the fact that i had to have surgery to remove a large cyst,ovary and fallopian tube at 24 weeks so i have a scar running from the middle of my bump under my belly button, and my midwife tells me i won't be allowed to labour naturally.
Has anyone else been diagnosed with group b strep? :\?


  • I was diagnosed with this with my 4th. This was first time I was tested so possible I had had it before or for all deliveries!

    I tested as very high. I wanted a water birth but that went out the window. I got to hosp with only 40 mins till delivery so no time for anti b drip. My lo swallowed a lot of stuff as he came out so as precaution they pumped his tummy and put him on drip for 48 hours. He was fine though.

    If you get at least one dose of anti d in during labour then that is good. If you have quick labours (i didnt before this one) then maybe discuss taking anti biotics orally for few days before delivery.

    i tested high again for my last preg (amelia is 20 weeks) she wa c section due to placenta previa and was emergency as I bled at 35 weeks. Once again as there was no time to give me anti biotics they gave her some by drip as they had drip up anyway since she was small and early.

    Hope that helps. Best to err on side of caution!

    d xx
  • i was diagnosed with group b strep after a routine swab when i was bout 4 months pregnant, my plan for a water birth went out of the window too and had to have constant monitorin in labour which is obviously restricive and needed 2 lots of antibiotics. been diagnosed takes away an element of control but i felt at least i knew and could now protect my baby and he is now 10 days old and thriving so well.

    its tryin to find the positive in the situation. i dont know if that helps at all, im tryin to be realistic but give a positive spin on the situation for you.
  • hi, they discovered i had it from checking bloods after i'd given birth. as a precaution they did blood tests on lo n we had to stay in 3 nights till results came back (all clear) n they also put lo on anti b's for a week when born as a precautionary thing as I hadn't had any anti b's in labour.
    One of my friends also has this n with her 2nd baby she was given anti b's in labour n that was all, lo didn't have to have anything when born.

    Good luck with the rest of ur pregnancy x
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