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does anyone know what do u need to have to get ur baby out of the hospital?does it has to be soft carrier or u can get him out in backpack?


  • you have to have a car seat and i think a midwife goes to the car with you to make sure baby leaves safely i don't think carrier will be allowed not to sure.
  • i know that u have to have a car seat but the carseat has to be installed properly before u get the baby out so u need something else to get him from the hospital to the car
  • check with ur hospital as i carried my baby out in his car seat so above post isn't 100% correct
  • Probably depends on what kind of car seat it is. Ours has the click in base that stays in the car so you can take the actual seat part out to transport the baby from the hospital to the car.

    Had to laugh when I read your post Sandras as I had an image of someone trying to smuggle their baby out in a backpack! lol!

    I would check with your midwife and see what they say. xx
  • what happens if you have no car????
  • Hi you do need some kind of car seat at the hospital were we went the midwife carried our daughter out to the car as we have a fixed car seat if you don't have a car & are getting a taxi you still need a car seat, friends of ours don't have a car & they had to borrow a car seat to get baby home
  • You can just take your car seat in hospital, Then Take baby home in that u dont need 2 things, Just 1 car seat will do, It does in our hospital anyway
  • i'veasked my mw and she told me i dont have to take the car seat becouse its not capsula i can take my baby aut in the pram or i can carry him in my arms if i want to but thanx to all of u
  • at my maternity ward they let you take baby down in the car chair then we just fit it in the car and
  • must agree, diferent hospitals have different rules, but you do need a car seat if travelling in cars etc, but i supose if you only lived 2 mins away a back pack would be fine lol ! well, something a bit more pratical anyway! x
  • at our hospital you have to at least have the car seat in the hospital with you to carry him out in.
  • I had both of my children in Oxford and the midwives wouldnt even let you carry the baby around the ward you had to wheel them around in their cots, so on leaving the hospital the baby had to be put in the car seat for safety i suspose incase you fell and sued them this was even if you didnt have a car you still need the car seat.
  • when i came out of hospital with my first the midwife had to carry baby to the entrance of hospital in car seat then we was aloud to take baby from there,she said it was health and saftey
  • As far as I'm aware the only thing you must have 2 take your baby home from hospital is a carseat x
  • I have a car seat that stays in our car so when I took my baby home a MW had to carry her out to make sure the seat was in properly
  • they just let us carry joseph out in is seat and waved goodbye!! my oh hadnt practiced puting the seat in like i asked so we spent 10 mins outside while he tried to put it in. men! xx
  • Check with the hospital as we were not even escorted off the post natal ward - let alone to the car. Actually, I wasn't very impressed with their lack of security (lo had had his electronic tag taken off almost an hour before!). A midwife just came and gave me the paperwork and wished us luck and went away again, even though he's our first baby.
  • thanx
    i already asked the hospital and now i have to ask again cos i was transferred to another hospital so i have to check again and when they let u go alone to the car i dont think is a lack of security if they walk u to the hospital its not secutity becouse u care for ur baby the most and u r the one who wants the best for ur baby its not that if they dont walk u to the car u will harm ur baby somehow after u go home u can do whatever u want with ur baby but u r doing only what u think its the best for the baby
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