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Need some advice quickly Please

My daughter is 35+ 6 with first baby and has been admitted to hospital with tightenings, pain in lower back and lower abdomen. She had a show on saturday. She is only measuring 32 but has measured up to 34 normally. But baby is fine plenty of movement and strong heart beat. As I never had a natural labour with any of mine, I do not know if she is in labour or not, the hospital are not sure either, cervix has shortened but no dilation, she also has strep B. So we are worried to death here, Anyone had the same problems. Thank you.

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  • Hi, fingers crossed all is ok. It does sound like it could be the start of things, although it doesn't mean the arrival is imminent. I had similar feelings when I had my son, I actually got to 4cm dilated and then everything stopped! My lo was also fine, good heartbeat etc so I went home, and eventually a week later everything started again, much stronger tightening pain and my son was born that day.

    Good luck, let us know how she gets on! x
  • Thanks. just heard she is going for a scan, to make sure all is ok. She has crohn's disease also and is taking azathioprine. so concerns are baby may have stopped growing. fingers crossed all is ok.
  • The Strep B will easily be treated with antibiotics from what I've read, so I think you can relax there. Good luck to you all.
  • thanks very much for your replies she has had the scan now and baby is measuring 36+4 so panic stations over, she is still getting tightenings but is hoping to get home later....... she is keeping us on our toes and her poor hubby is at his wits end lol .... will keep posted thanks xx
  • hia, sounds like its fine to me. i had every single one of those symptoms when i went into labour. hope everything goes ok x
  • thanks very much she is on her way home now. hopefully she will go full term. thanks once again ...........
  • Oh im glad she is ok, let us know when she has the baby. x
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