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confused by pain

ive been having period like back pain on and off all night, cramps down there etc. it comes and goes

i dont know if this is contractions or not, early contractions?? not sure what to think. shall i just ignore them and get on with daily life??

im due tomorrow



  • hi hon, know this is probably not what you want to hear but i would get on with things ...
    ive had real painful contractions on and off and dull cramping and back ache for two weeks now... and am 40 + 3 today!... every time i think 'this is it'... they die off!...
    this is the most frustrating thing ive ever experienced and im due for a sweep tomorrow!...
    its def. your body getting ready though thats for sure!..
    hope you get more luck than me xx
  • i had the same it could be braxton hicks contractions thats where all my pain was because my baby's back was on mine it will be fine as long as its not really really bad,i would just carry on if i was you.just take some pain killers and it should sooth it a bit.Also back pain can be because of a hormone in your body that softens your borns a bit.
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