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Induction then natural birth ??? & movement inearly labour

Hi has anyone got any info or storys on natural labour after induction. My induction was very long and ended with being cut and vontose and lots of stitches just wondered how2 nd time round varyed and how uknow when to go to hospital and type of pain relive u had at home cos I'm soscared of not having the relife there. !

Also in natural labour could u still feel baby moveing In early stages ??? Ifeel tightnings and think oh it's ok his still moving alotbut just wondered how long or if u felt him most of time

Jem 36+3


  • Hi, im the same as you in that i had an induction first time. But i could still feel Holly moving when her head was crowning! So i dont think movements mean youre not in labour. x
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