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Why am i feeling so low?

I am hoping you can help me cheer up! I only finished work Friday so it's not boredom yet, but i have been feeling really low since Saturday. I can't seem to shake the feeling. Feel really teary and just want to curl up in a corner somewhere! Is this because i'm scared do you think? I am petrified of both giving birth and of actually having a baby, it changes everything and i think that is what i am so nervous about - how much life is about to change. Whenever i try to talk to my OH or mum or friends they just tell me its too late to worry now and i'll be fine, i don't think that's very supportive!!!!!! lol!:\(


  • Sounds like just a little overload - the fact of finishing work and going on maternity leave has just made everything that more real for you. You're not going mad hun, its perfectly natural! I think you cud do with a friend who will just listen to you - or just let it all out on here hun, there's plenty of ears on here!

    Having a baby is going to be one of the greatest and scariest experiences of your life and all the changes that go with it can be very overwhelming but hey - if it was that bad we'd all stop at one and I'm on my 5th lol

    I know they're all saying don't worry but they are right in a way. Worrying is only going to stress you out and then you'll feel even worse hun. AS I say - let it all out on does help image xx
  • i think it is important to try and not worry about your feelings and try and beleive that it is natural to worry abit about giving birth and having a baby but not worry about the worrying..cause that does make things work (and i speak from experience!) does that make sense?!? hormones, leaving work, trouble sleeping due to bump could all be reasons why you feeling low....try and put your worries into constructuve use now you on maternity leave, by getting ready. Allow yourself to cry if you want and if it helps. Give yourself goals and treats etc.... i was wondering how many weeks you are? i leave work this week and i am 34 weeks pregnant with my 3rd.i have to say i am feeling a bit emotional about leaving this week-plus a few other things-my OH is working away in ireland and not back till 13th june!
  • Hi, Thanks for the responses. I am 37 weeks. It is nice to know i'm not going mad! Was getting worried i was headed down a rocky road!! I know it must not be as bad as all that, especially with you on your 5th mummyx5, but it is soo daunting and having no clue what it feels like is terrifying!!! I feel reassured a bit but am struggling to pull myself together and waiting is sooo boring! Also abit miffed that i am now expected to look after OH all day and tidy up after him constantly - is this what the future holds?? Dirty nappies and a demanding OH??? OMG! I can't wait!!! lol!
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